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Village Peeps. . .

Hello my friends,
Spring is only a week away and I wanted to share some of my new village peeps with you.
Last year I created three glitter Easter houses.  I've found a few new peeps that are now hanging around town. 

A Garden Surprise

Hello my friends,
Don't you love it when you're driving along a country road and you happen across a delightful place?
Yesterday, while we were returning to Brenham after visiting Waco we came across a delightful shop in the town of Independence.

A Day at Magnolia. . .

Hello my friends,
I'm sure most of you know that hubby and I are road tripping through the state of Texas.
Yesterday we arrived in the beautiful small town of Brenham.  This morning we headed to Waco to visit Magnolia.

San Antonio River Walk. . .

Hello my friends,
we are here in San Antonio enjoying beautiful 80 degree weather.

Texas Bound. . .Share Your Cup Will Return in Two Weeks

Hello my friends,
I'm a little late at getting this post out.  I had company today and then our youngest daughter came by for dinner and a visit.
Family comes first!  :)
Hubby and I are off first thing Thursday morning on a long road trip to Texas.  For that reason SYC will be on a two week break.  It will return on March 21st.
We are heading into Bluebonnet heaven!!

Peter Rabbit and Friends. . .

Hello my friends,
have you seen the new 'Peter Rabbit' movie?
We just got home from taking one of our granddaughters to see it.  A bit corny in places, but the kid in me loved it!

How to be More Efficient at Home. . .

Hello, my friends,
recently I received an e-mail regarding a post that I thought you might enjoy.  I am receiving no compensation for sharing this.
Most of this article is from Zowie Ashton, a writer of blog articles that is really passionate about topics related to home improvement, cleaning, and organizing.  She owns a small business company based in London.