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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Share Your Cup #241

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).
The party where you share what makes you happy.
It's what I call, "filling your cup".
Spring has arrived and I am elated.  It is my favorite season and I love spring clean up in the garden.  Just something about getting my hands into that dirt that does wonders for my soul!  :)
It's always a delight t see what makes you happy each week.
Thanks for joining the party and welcome to any one who might be linking up for the first time.  So happy to have you!
Last week I shared the
 Super Bloom at Anza Borrego Desert State Park.  Hubby and I took off on a whim and what a fun time we had!

I also shared my 'Easter Wonderland' for the
 Hello Spring Blog Tour I participated in.

Now for the features from SYC #240
Lori from Dining Delight showed us how to create seasonal displays in a tray.  Isn't her spring one so cute?
Pam from Everyday Living created a beautiful tablescape using plates that normally hang on her wall.

Jennifer from Decorated Chaos  made over a thrift find shelf and gave it a farmhouse feel.

Shannon from Belle Bleu Interiors shared her beautiful spring porch.  I absolutely love the post box on her front door!
Susan from Ash Tree Cottage shared a wonderful blue and white tea set that she once gifted to her mother.
Janet from Rosemary and Thyme shared how to make the sweetest Marshmallow flower cupcakes.
*Each week there are blogs that I would like to feature, but see no link back to Share Your Cup.
Thanks so much for sharing and please grab my button
 if you were featured.

Now let's party!
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It's a great way to find new friends!

After you link up, please come back and leave a comment.  They help to fill my cup!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hello Spring Blog Tour

Hello friends,
I am so happy to be participating in this Hello Spring Blog Tour hosted by Katie at
There is a fabulous line up of bloggers that will be sharing their spring décor.  I guarantee that you will get inspiration from
each of them!
And now, I would like to welcome you to my
"Easter Wonderland". . .
(My inspiration for using a filing box on my table came from the cover of Country Living magazine)

It's a magical place where time feels as though it is standing still. :)
The white rabbit wears his watch on his vest.

There's lots of cabbages for munching, and the bunny tails come in pretty pastel colors.
Much like Alice's Wonderland the teacups are stacked and the table is set for a whimsical party.
(the pretty pink dishes made in Portugal were scored at a thrift shop a few months ago)
the goblets also came from a thrift a few years ago.

If you're feeling extra silly you can wear my polka dotted
 bunny hat.
I've set a place just for you!
In Easter Wonderland the houses are small. But because it's a magical place, that doesn't matter at all! 

(I will be sharing more of my Easter village in another post.)
I hope you enjoyed your visit to Wonderland today!
Below are links to the others participating in this fun tour.
I hope you will hop over and visit!




Sunday, March 19, 2017

Super Bloom at Anza Borrego Desert State Park

Hello my friends,
do you want to take off with me on a whim and visit the Anza Borrego Desert State Park in Borrego Springs CA?
That's exactly what hubby and I did last week.  After watching the 10 o'clock news and hearing of the 'SUPER BLOOM' we thought, why not go?
We knew that the park would be busy, (which was evident when we had to book a hotel an hour and a half away).  So we arose early on Tuesday morning and headed out.
Seeing the gorgeous sun rise was worth every bit of lack of sleep.  :)

It was just coming up over the mountain as we reached the park.
Needing to share something for a # party (Treasures and Trinkets Tuesday) I co-host on Instagram I stopped to snap a photo of some thrift finds I picked up in the town of 29 Palms.
Hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!  (wink) 
Now normally I wouldn't share a pic of my not so small derriere, but just had to show you what hubby was busy taking a photo of while I was setting it up.   Oh, I'm sure he was just wanting to get the wildflowers and I just happened to be in the way!  lol!
Dirty old men!!! (smile)
Now on to maybe not bigger, but better things. . .

The pictures really don't do it justice.
My friend, Joanne sent me a photo off of the French General site on Instagram.  It was of a gorgeous gal sitting amongst the yellow blooms at Anza Borrego.  She has shoulders bared and it really is stunning!  With me, this is what you get.

I was worried about crushing those beautiful wildflowers, so I looked for a sandy spot.
We arrived at the visitors center before it opened.  There was a walking trail there where you could enjoy more flowers.

The cactus were just starting to bloom.  They will be gorgeous in another week or so.

I loved the pretty rock wall.

Well folks, live and learn.  After getting inside we decided on a hike we wanted to take.  Only to find out that when the parking lot to the hike is full they don't let more people in.  Of course it was full.  We were informed that most people hike it at 7 or 8 a.m.  Who knew?  We were there and could easily have done that.
She suggested we check it out later in the afternoon.
In the meantime we drove to the south end of the park and took a different hike.  Not nearly as colorful, but also not nearly as busy.
Did I mention that my hero doesn't love crowds?  Oh, but isn't he ever so strong?
 Later we were able to go on the hike that we wanted, Borrego Palm Canyon Trail.  It was beautiful!  But, it was 91 degrees and a bit too hot for us oldies.  Unusually warm for them as well.  They are normally in the 70's.
We started off with a skip and a hop and drug back in by the skin of our teeth.  Especially after hubby got sun screen in his eyes and could barely see the trail.  : (
We did get to see 4 big horned sheep.  Look closely by the log and you'll see one.
Well, hot as it was; we had a great time!
Definitely had the sun in our face. . .
(I took this after the hike.  I knew you'd want to see how hot and sweaty I was)
I couldn't wait to crank up that air conditioner!!
and we felt a bit like a flower child.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. . .really, the only thing you were missing is the heat.  Ha, ha! Oh, and I forgot to mention that when we came back to the north side in the afternoon the line of cars trying to get to the visitor center was miles long.

Just a reminder that the hello spring blog tour hosted by Katie will kick off tomorrow morning.  I know it will be filled with lots of spring inspiration!


Friday, March 17, 2017

A little Bit of Green. . .

Hello my friends,
ten or so years ago I decided that I would downsize a little and did away with my St. Patty's Day décor.
It doesn't stop me from decorating with a little bit of green for the month of March.
I gathered some of my favorite greens for a spring garden themed vignette.

My small collection of green depression glass on a vintage hammered metal tray.

The two larger plates were recently gifted to me by a dear friend.  The other items I picked up at yard and estate sales,
and thrift shops.

This morning I texted the kids wondering if anyone was up for a 'Green' dinner.  A couple of the kids too.  As luck would have it they already had their meals planned.  I just baked bread, made fresh limes to drink and green beans almondine. 
They did all the rest.
Our daughter, Karrah had put corned beef in the crock pot before going to work this morning.  Later she added carrots, potatoes, and cabbage.  YUM!  So delicious!

Samantha made the traditional Colcannon Irish mashed potatoes.
Buttery and so delish!

I set a simple table with my green and white striped plates atop cabbage placemats.

I missed getting a photo of the bread I baked today, but this is photo is of my 1st attempt with my sour dough starter.  Today's bread was even more yummy than the first.  I added dried herbs and sunflower seeds to the round artisan loaf.
 The fresh lime sodas were served in pint jars.

Karrah made cupcakes and Sam made Irish shortbread cookies.

I feel so lucky to have such a fun and loving family!
May the luck of the Irish be with you today and every day!
I have to share this cute thing my cousins daughter
tagged me on fb.